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Our Principals

Compo Expert, Germany

COMPO Expert, with its wide range of high-quality, innovative special fertilisers, is a leader in the areas of broad acre crops, vegetables, fruits and vines, nursery and ornamentals, turf and public green, and landscaping and forestry. Expert teams guarantee extensive support to the trade and customers in all markets. Our co-operation with Compo has lasted for almost 15 years.

BASF, Germany

BASF is the one of the world’s leading chemical manufacturers, with a portfolio arranged into five segments: Chemicals, Performance Products, Functional Materials & Solutions, Agricultural Solutions, and Oil & Gas. Swaidan Trading is the exclusive distributor of BASF plant protection and public health products in the UAE. The business relationship spans more than 30 years, with an emphasis on introducing eco-friendly products to the market.

Huwa-San, Belgium

Huwa-San is a new generation of 'silver-stabilised hydrogen peroxide' which can be used for various eco-friendly disinfectant products related to agriculture, health and water treatment. The brand is from Roam Technology, a company that specialises in creating efficient and sustainable disinfection solutions for a diverse range of applications. We have represented Roam Technology products for almost a decade.

Stoller, USA

Stoller is a major supplier of chemicals and organic products for the agriculture industry, covering a wide product range of chemicals and fertilisers. We have been working with Stoller since 2015.

Gloria Sprayers, Germany

Founded in 1945, the Gloria brand has stood for high-quality sprayers for over 70 years. From the outset, the company has devoted its efforts to consistently developing cutting-edge pump and pressure sprayers and other innovative gardening products. We have been the key business partner for Gloria products in the UAE for more than 25 years and has enjoyed remarkable success, with Gloria being the market leader in knapsack sprayers in the Emirates.

Sygenta Flower Seeds, Holland

Syngenta Flowers, Home and Garden is one of the largest wholesale breeders of hybrid flower seed in the world, developing and producing flower seeds for companies and growers internationally. We are the agent for the flower seed varieties of Syngenta seeds in the UAE, and have enjoyed a successful relationship with them for more than 25 years.

GGP (Castelgarden/Stiga), Italy

GGP (Castelgarden & Stiga) are a European leader in the production and distribution of lawnmowers and powered garden equipment, selling over one million products per year across more than 70 countries. Our partnership with GGP for the Castelgarden and Alpina range of products has been going for almost 15 years, earning the company a major market share in in this industry.

Modesto Seeds, USA

Modesto Seeds is a global developer, producer and marketer of vegetables and grass seeds founded in 1989 in Modesto, California. The family-owned and operated company draws from nearly thirty years of experience in vegetable and grass seeds, varietal evaluation, seed productiosn and marketing of open-pollinated vegetable seeds for professional cultivation. Today, Modesto Seeds exports vegetable and grass seeds to over 30 countries worldwide, and has partnered with our agriculture business for almost 15 years to distribute the products across the UAE.

Fortune Biotech, India

Fortune Biotech Ltd. is a leading supplier of organic chemicals and fertilisers from India, supplying organic-based plant protection products. Through its partnership with Fortune Biotech, we play a vital role in guiding the agricultural industry towards environmentally-friendly farming thereby providing a sustainable solution in the area of plant protection.

Fort Srl, Italy

Fort Srl has produced agricultural machines for small and medium businesses since 1970. They specialise in products related to nursery, gardening, construction and earth moving equipment, also offering a range of accessories tailored to a wide range of customer requirements. Their range also includes eco-friendly products for environmentally-sustainable agriculture. We have been working with Fort Srl for almost a decade, distributing their agricultural products and providing after-sales support and service.

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