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Case Study

Al Ain Municipality Project

Client: Al Ain Municipality

Project Name: Outsourcing works for Agriculture Pest Control operations for fruit trees in Al Ain’s oases and homes, Al Ain Municipality. Contract No. 15.

Value: AED17 million per year

Location: Al Ain Municipality Eastern Region

Timeline / Project Duration: 2014 to 2018

Project Brief: Carrying out work on a four-year project, started in 2014, which includes outsourced work for Agricultural Pest Control operations for date palm trees in the Al Ain oases and homes in Al Ain town centre. The work has been a success, with the company having received several appreciation letters from Al Ain’s Municipality for smooth operations, innovative methods and outstanding performance.

Northern Emirates Project

Client: Ministry of Climate Change & Environment

Project Name: Project Name: Pest Control on Date Palm Trees, and Light & Pheromone Trap Services. Contract EW4

Value: AED17.6 million per year

Location: Northern Emirates

Timeline / Project Duration: 2015 to 2018

Project Brief: Carrying out work on a two-year project since 2015 for the pest control activities in the Northern Emirates area. Scope includes pheromone trap services, light trap services, treatment of infected date palm trees, and agricultural extension services at Northern Emirates farms.

  • Spraying 1 million infested trees - Lesser Date Moth (Campaign)
  • Spraying 1 million infested trees - Dust mites (Campaign)
  • Spraying 500,000 infested trees - Dubas (Permanent)
  • Treatment 500,000 infested trees - Red Palm Weevil (Permanent)

We have enjoyed considerable success in running the project whilst achieving high levels of client satisfaction, and have introduced a number of innovative and eco-friendly sustainable activities to the project, providing several seminars and awareness campaigns to farmers and authorities

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